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Chiropractic is a part of health care that focuses on the relationship between our spine and function(nervous system) and how this affects our overall health. Biomechanical and structural problems can irritate parts of our nervous system causing pain and dysfunction at the site, as well as to the cells, tissues and organs.

Correcting these abnormalities which irritate our nervous system can lead to many favorable results in patients suffering from various spinal health conditions.

How can chiropractic work for you?

Doctors of chiropractic are trained to pinpoint the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. A plan is then put into place to relieve the pain, stabilize and strengthen the area of weakness. 

Our goals are true health, wellness, and peak performance in your daily life.


Massage therapy complements your chiropractic care to decrease stress, muscle tension and tightness of your neck and back regions. Massage is therapeutic and deep tissue is targeted to treat the areas of pain and limitation.

This is part of a comprehensive approach that minimizes pain and injury. We have a licensed massage therapist seeing patients under our direction to give you the highest level of care.

Functional Nutrition

We use specific lab work to assess your condition, to develop a personalized plan to help you on a path to better health and function with proper diet and supplementation.  we teach you how to eat whole foods and use herbs and vitamins to enhance the body's natural function. Proper nutrition is important to living a healthy, proactive, and successful lifestyle. Once you experience the healing effects you will be excited about your health like never before.

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